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Version 1.0 | June 2023

Who we are

Mediama's services cover a wide range of digital marketing and online presence management.

These services revolve around content creation, social promotion, and social media management, which are all necessary for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence, effectively engage with their target audience, and get more customers.

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Our Logo

Where we got the name Mediama?

I was considering a simple name for our company/agency. Mediama is a combination of Media + Mikey + Abi.

What does our logo mean?

Our company logo represents maintaining and keeping your business active at all times. The largest slice of our logo is our company's primary service which is content creation. The second largest is for social promotion, and the third is for social media management.

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With us we can achieve anything



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Our works

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Our Services

Content creation

Social Promotion

WEBSITE designing

The Primary Service Provided By Our Company/Agency Is Content Creation. We Make High-Quality Videos For Businesses And Share Them On Their Social Media.

Mediama Assists Businesses And Agencies In Increasing The Number Of Views, Likes And Followers On Their Social Media Accounts.

A Mediama Agency Offers Website ​Creation Services By Designing ​And Developing Websites and e-​commerce stores that Align With ​Each Company's Brand, Goals, ​And Target Audience.

Social Media management


Mediama Will Manage Your Social Media Accounts By Keeping Them Active, Posting On a Daily Basis, And Improving Your Social Media Page.

At Mediama we understand the pivotal role advertising plays in driving business success. With a commitment to excellence and innovation we offer a comprehensive suite of advertising services tailored to elevate your brand.

2 Free Promotion videos

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Pack 1

full day


  • Video Editing
  • 1-2 Videos
  • Promoting Socially
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Pack 2


1 week


  • Video Editing
  • 5-10 Videos
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Free Promotion Video/Posts
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With us you can achieve ​anything


  • Content Creation
  • 15-20 Videos
  • MM Team
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
  • Pictures
  • Posts
  • Social Promoting
  • Creating Website

exclusive pack


  • Facebook ads
  • Tiktok ads
  • Google ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Instagram ads
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Collab With us

Lets Join Forces and conquer


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Our Agency Team

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"I was not given life to be average"

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ABIvarman Hariharan


"Discipline will take you places motivation can't"

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